Let's meet Silvercreek

Silver Creek, Colorado, was first settled by miners in 1875, and thrived until the ‘Silver Crash' of 1893. In the fifties the village revived because of the many craftsman setting up business in the old stores. The history of pioniers, miners and artisans inspires the high end jeans brand Silvercreek today. The modern day artisan represents the brand, capturing the spirit of Silver Creek.

Let's meet Silvercreek

Inspired by history, created for today.

The new vision on today’s craftmanship matches the way we design the collections for Silvercreek. The designs are inspired by old crafts and rich materials. Passionate about the rich history and the creative process behind a fashion item, combined with the attention to detail, material and quality, translated into a modern style. Those are the basic ingredients of the Silvercreek kitchen, which make the collection unique, sophisticated and modern vintage.

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